Indoor Cycling Class Registration: Nov 2015

It is time to start thinking about indoor cycling. Like last year there will be one extended class this year at Santiam Bicycles in SW Portland.

ADAPT's Durability Programs For Sale

The Durability Programs provide the specific exercise requirements for an individual to perform a sport at their highest ability with protection from common injury.  As the name suggests, the program keeps you "durable" in your chosen sport by restoring and maintaining proper muscular function.  

Current Services...

Breakaway Training offers numerous coaching and consulting services for cyclists, runners, swimmers and triathletes that cater for both recreational athletes and competitive athletes. Beyond providing month-to-month coaching services, we also offer one-on-one sessions that can cover a wide range for topics (consultation, swim technique, pedaling efficiency to name a few).

What's New...

Breakaway Training's Blog
I've started a blog...there's no turning back now! My hope is to be able to provide some useful posts that focus on playing well, eating well and resting well. It's my way to give you new ideas to integrate into your daily life. You'll find some easy to follow (yet healthy) meat free and wheat free recipes, meal planning tips as well as advice on rest and recovery. Click here to read more..>>


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Breakaway Training specializes in coaching cyclists and triathletes, and adopts an integrated and balanced approach to create and maintain a balanced and functional athlete. This is achieved by minimizing and correcting strength and flexibility imbalances that can occur with consistent and repetitive training. This ultimately brings about greater athletic function and fitness.

Breakaway Training will help teach athletes to recognize and observe their limits, and how these limits can be expanded safely to bring about a higher level of fitness and athleticism.


Breakaway Training is based in Portland, Oregon and is owned and operated by Julie Browning.

Running with runners, swimming with swimmers and riding with cyclists has given Julie a unique perspective and insight to each of these sports. Putting all these three together she has become a strong balanced cyclist and triathlete allowing her to compete successfully in local and National events over the last 12 years.