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Coaching Philosophy:
Breakaway Training was founded by me, Julie Browning, in 2003 out of a desire to explore and share my understanding of health, fitness, and nutrition. I enjoy helping athletes commit to a goal and then train towards that goal. I feel pretty darn lucky that over the years I've been able help nurture, inspire, and coach so many wonderful athletes and see them fulfill their athletic goals.

Over the years my interests have broadened. It's not just about the workout, it's also about resting and nourishing our bodies. It's a lifestyle that is in pursuit of good health and wellness. I strive to learn more about what wellness is and what it means to others. To me it means: playing well, eating well and resting well.

Playing well.
I've been participating and competing in sports for the better part of my life. I started running and swimming competitively at the age of 9 while growing up in Stoke-on-Trent in England. Over the years my athletic interests have evolved. At some point in my life I've been involved in competitive cross-country running, track and field, adventure racing, modern pentathlon, triathlon, bike racing, cyclo-cross and more recently nordic skiing and mountain biking.

Eating well:
As a long time vegetarian I've read a lot of articles and books in an attempt to explore what is considered optimal nutrition. Vegetarianism isn't something I necessarily promote, but it has led me to delve deeper into understanding nutrients and how they interact with our bodies. In the kitchen, I thoroughly enjoy exploring, experimenting and creating.

Resting well:
I've been a student, career professional, elite athlete, business owner, a wife, and a mom. I strive to find a healthy balance between training, racing, playing, working, family, and resting. This balance changes over time and takes planning, thinking ahead, communicating, prioritizing, and compromising to maintain. Exercise gives me a release and freedom that helps keep me grounded in all areas of my life. Exercise makes me a better mom, wife and friend.

- - Edge Hill College / Lancaster University, U.K.: BS in Geography and Physical Education (Exercise Physiology)
- - New Mexico State University: Masters in Geography (Remote Sensing)
- - Oregon State University: Exercise Physiology Graduate classes

Competitive Experience:
- - Modern Pentathlon (National and International competition for the British Junior Team)
- - Swimming (Collegiate)
- - Running: Cross-country, track and road racing
- - Cycling: Road racing, stage racing, time trials (category 2), mountain bike and cyclo-cross racing (category 1).
- - Oregon State Hill Climb Champion, and Oregon State Road Champion
- - Triathlon (Team USA, ITU World Triathlon Championships)
- - Long Distance Mountain Bike Racing (High Cascades 100, 6 Hours of Mount Hood, Capitol Forest)

Coaching Experience:
- - Swim teacher and coach
- - Guide for a blind middle distance runner
- - Instructed cycling, running, swimming, fencing and yoga classes
- - Professional coach since 2003 with extensive experience coaching endurance athletes (triathlon, running and cycling).
- - Clinics (women specific, beginner)
- - Recreational cyclists
- - Women specific coaching (including post-pregnancy).
- - Working with parents who want to find a healthy balance between work, family and exercise
- - Indoor cycling classes and yoga classes
- - Functional strength training

Qualifications and Certifications:
- - Swim Teaching Certification
- - Life Saving and CPR
- - Bachelor of Science in PE with a focus on exercise physiology
- - Graduate Exercise Physiology courses (OSU)
- - Julie Lawrence Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training course
- - Nutrition (self study)
- - ADAPT Functional Strength Training Certification
- - IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) Level I Certified Instructor

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