Breakaway Training's COACHING SERVICES

These are special focus sessions; typically one-on-one.  Although some sessions lend themselves to a small group. Cost is $60 per session. Here are some examples of the more popular sessions:

Pedaling efficiency/body awareness/ and alignment on the bike:
This session covers the importance of bike fit, body alignment and body awareness on the bike.  It covers drills and exercises to help improve pedaling efficiency.  This is a great one hour session that covers a lot of good information that is appropriate for all levels of cyclist. A lot of teaching points, handouts and pedaling drills. Athletes need to bring their bike, shoes, shorts, drink and small towel. We provide the trainer.
Training consultation:
Consultation to offer guidance to athletes who want to self-coach.  We sit down talk about a wide range of topics; annual plan, race schedule, heart rate zones, fueling / nutrition, stretching, strength training, equipment selection and local resources available. To help us be prepared we ask athletes to email us ahead of time with a list of topics they want to cover.
Cycling Technique:
An out-on-the-road bike session to cover the basics of cornering, descending and climbing on a road bike.
Cycling Basics:
For those new to riding this session can cover a number of topics such as; use of clipless pedals, shifting gears, general bike maintenance, fixing flats, road safety, winter riding, and group riding.
Swim technique:
Sessions include a biomechanical analysis, prescription of drills to help with efficiency, and a follow-up email that includes all the material covered during the swim session and handouts with drill descriptions.
Open water swimming:
This session covers the skills needed for the swim leg of a triathlon. Topics covered include: swim entry, sighting, drafting, breathing, and swim exit.
Yoga/stretching workouts:
Individualized yoga/stretching programs to target Athlete’s personal tight areas to reduce muscular imbalances.  This session can also include lots of alternative stretches for those athletes who have got bored with their current routine.
Strength training:
Individualized strength training programs to help keep athletes functional by minimizing muscular imbalances, and also injury prevention by keeping tendons and support muscles healthy.  You get a gym program and we go over the correct technique and alignment on all the exercises. This session can also include lots of alternative exercises and dynamic stability exercises for those athletes who have got bored with their current routine.
Core body training:
Includes a variety of strengthening and stretching exercises for the abs and back.
$60 / session.

Each training program is specifically designed for each athlete depending on their goals and commitments and responsibilities outside of their activities. Training programs take a balanced approach that incorporates aerobic conditioning, strength training, stretching, taper and recovery plans. We have worked with xperienced racers to first time racers, serious recreational athletes to those completely new to the sport.  We ’ve helped athletes race in World Championships, National Champions, to those who want to ride a double century, their first century or prepare for a multiple day event like Cycle Oregon.

$125/month you will receive:

  • An initial consultation to develop an athletic profile. This is achieved by reviewing past training program, race results, medical/injury history, identifying short term and long term goals, and to identifying weaknesses/strengths.
  • A monthly training program and season race schedule designed for each athlete. Training programs will include descriptions of, the purpose of, intensity and duration of each workout. This will include strength training and a stretching program.
  • Periodic fitness monitoring and tests. The results of which can be used to make changes to the training plan if necessary.
  • A taper plan and race day plan
  • A post-race recovery plan
  • A race-day nutrition plan and workout nutrition plan
  • Email or phone communication initiated by the athlete
Strength Training workouts
This package includes 5 different gym workouts. Each one focuses on a different aspect of fitness: adaptation, strength, endurance, power and maintenance.  The workouts are well rounded in that they cover all major muscle groups and offer a variety to help keep athletes motivated. Each workout is followed for 1-2 months before moving onto the next one.  Cost for the 5 workouts is $100. The gym workouts along with a handout outlining gym guidelines are delivered via email.
Cost is $100
Strength Training workouts Plus a One-on-One session in the Gym
This includes the five gym workouts as described above along with a one-on-one session ($60 value) in the gym to go over all the strength exercises, use of equipment, individual modifications and good gym protocols.
Cost is $120

This includes 5 months of bike and run workouts to prepare you for the cross season. These workouts are intended for the beginner-intermediate cross racer.  They are not tailored to the individual (if you prefer this approach then opt for the month-to-month coaching program). 


Cost is $125.

Classes typically meet once a week for an 8-12 week term. Please contact Breakaway Training for current schedule, prices and availability for the following classes:

-Core Body / Stretching Class
This is class that combines core body work, some general stability work and stretching. It is specifically designed for athletes. The stretching is based on hatha yoga taught in the style of the Iyengar method. Iyengar yoga emphasizes proper body alignment, and the use of props (belts, chairs, blankets, and blocks) to allow people with flexibility limitations to safely perform poses with the correct alignment. Classes begin with a dynamic warm up.
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-Indoor Trainer Workout Class
For the Indoor Trainer Workout Class athletes must provide their own bike, trainer and heart rate monitor. Classes focus on specific drills to help with pedal efficiency and leg speed and include structured interval sets. Classes include a deep warm up, a cool down and stretching. Classes meet during the winter months (Nov-Feb) once a week.
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There are a number of additional services provided to Breakaway Training athletes at reduced prices by local professionals.

-Nutrition Counseling
Breakaway Training is pleased to offer its athletes three nutritional services provided by Gabby Dalton. Gabby holds a Nutrition Degree from the American Academy of Nutrition, and is a professional member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals.

-Biomechanical Evaluation and Treatment
A biomechanical evaluation will help identify any imbalances an athlete has in terms of alignment, flexibility and strength. Specific stretches and strengthening exercises will be recommended to help minimize and correct these imbalances.

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-Running Gait Analysis
Gait analysis will reveal any faults in running form. These can then be addressed by practicing specific running technique drills.
-Bike Shop Sponsor
Bill Larson of CyclePath will give Breakaway Training athletes a discount of 15%. CyclePath is located at:
2808 NE. MLK Jr. Blvd. #J, Portland, OR 97212
Phone: 503-281-0485
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Swim Video Analysis

The video analysis includes a high quality digital video on CD, including expert narration and tips/diagrams overlaid onto the video where appropiate.

Herbal Consultation and Acupuncture
Almine offers holistic treatments that focus on herbal medicine and acupuncture. Breakaway Training athletes will receive a 15% discount.
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