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Breakaway Training helps athletes:

•  Take their fitness and racing to the next level in a safe and functional way
•  Set realistic athletic goals and priorities
•  Find a healthy balance between family, work and play
•  Enjoy the thrill of racing and participating
•  Make good nutritional decisions
•  Remain healthy and functional
•  Gain confidence, stay motivated and inspired
•  Enjoy the journey

Coaching Services offered include:

Custom Monthly Coaching | Training Consultations | One-on-one Sessions

COACHING SERVICES: Custom Monthly Coaching

Custom Monthly coaching provides training schedules that are specifically designed for each athlete depending on their goals, experience, commitments and responsibilities outside of their training and racing. Coaching programs take a balanced and periodized approach that incorporates physical conditioning, functional strength training, stretching, taper and recovery plans. Over the years I have worked with experienced elite racers, athletes new to racing, serious recreational athletes looking to stay in shape to those completely new to the sport. I've helped athletes race in World and National Championships, to those who want to ride a double century, their first century or prepare for a multiple day event like Cycle Oregon.

Custom Monthly Coaching includes:

•  An initial consultation to:
- - review past training program and race results, and
- - review medical/injury history
- - identify short term and long term goals, and
- - identify athletic weaknesses and strengths

•  A custom monthly training program provides you with a structured program that includes:
- - workouts
- - taper plan
- - race schedule and race day plan
- - post race recovery plan

•  Functional strength training
•  Stretching program.
•  Nutrition guidelines and fueling guidelines
•  Accountability, stimulation and motivation
•  Private one-on-one sessions: 10% discount
•  Group classes: 10% discount
•  Unlimited Email or phone communication initiated by the athlete
•  3 month commitment is required and then a 20-day cancellation notice

How does Custom Coaching work?
Once you decide you want to move forward with Breakaway Training, we will send you a questionnaire to fill out. Once that's completed then we arrange to meet and chat about time availability, experience, injuries, race goals, etc. Then we pick a start date. We write your monthly workout schedules and deliver them to you the Friday before the first Monday of the month. Once delivered, you'll get invoiced. That's it.

We take on only 10 athletes a year for custom coaching. That allows us to provide a quality service. Other than custom coaching we also offer consultations and one-on-one sessions. 

Rates: $145 / month
Rates: $195 / month (includes 1 one-on-one session a month)

COACHING SERVICES: One-on-one Sessions:

These are special focus sessions, typically one-on-one (although some sessions lend themselves to a small group). Here are some typical sessions offered:

New to Cycling:
We offer cycling lessons to help get you rolling on 2 wheels. All ages welcome. Learn how to master the beginning skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Cycling Basics:
For those relatively new to riding, this session can cover a number of topics such as: use of clipless pedals, shifting gears, general bike maintenance, fixing flats, road safety, winter riding, commuting and group riding.

Road Cycling Skills:
An out-on-the-road bike session to help build skills and confidence. Sessions can cover the basics of cornering, descending, climbing and drafting on a road bike. You will receive instruction in a safe and nurturing environment.

Cycling Pedaling Efficiency:
This session goes over the importance of bike fit, body alignment and body awareness on the bike. It covers muscle recruitment, drills and exercises to help improve pedaling efficiency. This is a great one hour session that covers a lot of good information that is appropriate for all levels of cyclists. You will receive a lot of teaching points, handouts and pedaling drills. Athletes need to bring their own bike, cycling shoes, shorts, drink and small towel.

Beginning Cyclocross Racing:
This session covers the basics of cyclocross racing (dismounting, barriers, re-mounting, off-camber riding, run-ups, etc.) You will receive instruction in a safe and nurturing environment.

Beginner Mountain Biking:
Meet at a local Portland park to go over mountain biking fundamentals such as body position, braking, cornering, etc. Progress to an out-on-the-trail bike session to help build on these skills and cover climbing, descending, switch backs, etc. You will receive instruction in a safe and nurturing environment.

Functional Strength Training:
Receive individualized functional strength training programs to help keep you strong and healthy. These strength plans help restore good alignment, develop strength, and reduce muscular imbalance to bring about a stronger and more efficient athlete. This session can also include alternative exercises for those athletes who need to spice up their current strength training routine.

Stretching / Yoga:
Individualized yoga/stretching sessions that are specifically designed for you. They will take into account the activities you do, and target your tight areas to help reduce muscular imbalances. You will receive instruction on good technique and how to use props (blocks, belts, etc.) to ensure proper alignment. This session can also include alternative exercises for those athletes who need to spice up their current strength training routine.

Guided Bike Rides:
Breakaway Training offers guided bike ride services for road rides, gravel road rides and mountain bike rides. Rates Vary. Contact us for more information.

Clean Eating:
We can help you transition to a clean whole foods lifestyle by cutting out processed foods and cutting down on sugar and refined carbs. This can be a big change and overwhelming. In a nurturing environment, we will give you alternatives to your “regular” foods. This can include meal planning and recipes, pantry make-overs, etc.

Rates: $70 / hour with Julie plus a detailed follow-up email.

COACHING SERVICES: Training Consultation

Consultation sessions offer guidance to athletes who want to self-coach. We sit down to go over any number of topics you need help with (such as goal setting, annual planning, race scheduling, heart rate zones, fueling / nutrition, stretching, functional strength training, equipment selection, triathlon transitions, menu planning, etc.).

Rates: $70 / hour with Julie plus a detailed follow-up email.

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