Breakaway Training strives to deliver a high quality coaching service. We always enjoy and appreciate feedback from valued customers. Here are some testimonials from recent customers who have enjoyed Breakaway Training Services.
Finally got some pics from the Havasu olympic and I wanted to say thanks to a great coach. I couldn't have finished the swim without your help, let alone
finish the race! now to get serious about pacific crest and get that swim time down.
Justin, Triathlete - Portland, OR.
Thanks for your help the past few years. It is all starting to pay off. I posted my fasted TT ever yesterday, and today I was right at the front for the finish
Chuck, Cat 3 Cyclist - Portland, OR.
Last night's class was a major learning experience for me. Thank you for breaking down cornering into all those pieces & showing us how to practice. I worked on it until 7:30...and I will be forever perfecting that skill. I see how invaluable that will be in going down hill.
Michele, Cyclist - Portland, OR
“A year ago, a friend of mine convinced me to compete in an Olympic distance triathlon in Kennewick, WA.  So, I dusted off my 20 year old bike and started riding, swimming and running.  The good news is I finished.  The bad news, if I didn’t have the advantage of the Columbia River current, I might still be there.  After a few lessons with Julie, I knocked 4 minutes off of my 1000 yard swim.  Julie has also helped me with my running and cycling technique.  I have relied on her expertise in all three disciplines countless times and am now in the best shape I have ever been in.  I can now approach the start line with confidence.  Thanks Julie.”  
Jon, Triathlete – Portland, OR.

I really enjoyed the ride on Saturday. You did such a good job. You make everyone feel good about themselves out there, no matter what there ability is. It is nice not having to try and figure out what I am supposed to be doing, just looking at your workouts makes it so easy. I think you have found your calling with the coaching, so I just wanted to say thanks.

Mechele, Cyclist - Washougal, WA

A HUGE thank you for last night.  Mark and I both really enjoyed the class and felt it was immensely helpful!  We look forward to more training with you in the are knowledgeable, organized and make us feel really comfortable. I especially appreciate a non-threatening sports environment.

I really appreciate all your help and guidance. You have opened up a whole world for me. Never in a million years would I have thought I could do bike racing. Cool!

Elisabeth, Cyclist & Triathlete - Portland, OR
Julie, I just wanted to let you know that the race last night was a lot of fun. The tips you gave me helped me a lot throughout the race. Hopefully I can improve next week.  Thanks again, Chuck
Chuck, Cyclist - Portland, OR
Just wanted to say thanks. I found it very worthwhile- the practice at Swan Island was great. The do's and don'ts of racing were very helpful too. Keep me posted about the mountain bike class? Thanks
Sam, Cyclist - Portland, OR
Thank you so much for all your support for my 7.5 mile run! I can’t believe I did it! I do know that I would’ve never done it without you.
Laurie, Swimmer - Portland, OR

My fitness feels like it is really taking off. I want to thank you for all your help and excellent coaching- it's really paying off.

Steve, Cyclist - Portland, OR

I hope your weekend was as awesome as mine. I ran the Champoeg 1/2 Marathon yesterday and I feel WONDERFUL! I broke my PR by 25 whooping minutes!! My official time was 1:58:09 . Two years ago when I did the Seattle 1/2 I ran it in 2:23:00 . Man, I don't know how to thank you. I swear you have done wonders for me. I have seen more results being with you in just 2 months than I have ever seen ever... Thank you, Julie. You are a gifted coach.

Every day I'm getting better and better - that in itself is motivation enough. I know one of the things I'm thankful for this year is having a coach who is with me to help me turn my dreams to victorious reality.

Julie Browning is a compassionate coach who has great understanding of customized, thorough training based on the many diverse factors represented by each athlete she coaches.

Her monthly training programs are diverse, challenging and easy to understand. She accompanies each program with helpful tips and guide and other informative topics to help you achieve your goals. She also has a network of trusted sports / wellness / nutrition-related professionals we can rely on to assist us in other areas.

Julie Browning is a great contributor to my success as a triathlete.

Therese, Triathlete - Portland, OR

First, you do a masterful job of orchestrating the ride, from planning the route to keeping everyone together to making it an educational experience as well as a challenging fitness adventure. I really appreciate you sharing the finer points of paceline riding, although the double paceline scared me half to death, riding a foot from another handlebar!  Once, while following you, I saw you reach back, fiddle with your pocket, grab a snack food, and eat - all while riding rock-steady.  I was impressed.

There will never be a book written about cycling called, "It's Not About the Coach."  It's all about the coach...  Thanks so much.

Thanks for everything. You're a terrific coach. And to think I picked you
totally at random!

Now that I've worked with you a while, I really appreciate your approach. You're coaching not only for athletic performance, but to develop a complete, healthy, long-term athlete. You're not the whip-wielding, faster-faster-faster type of coach.

Gary, Cyclist - Portland, OR

I feel like a completely different rider this year. Hills are cake in comparison and I spin much more. YIPPIE!

I rode with Colleen today up Thompson and the Helvetia loop and back up Thompson. Lemme just saw that you’ve done a great job. I felt great. I can actually ride my bike up a hill.

Thanks for everything this year. I think the training really paid off. I'm totally motivated for track next year!

Heather, Cyclist - Vancouver, WA
Thanks for the congratulations on the cross race the other day.  My results have improved dramatically from last year and I attribute that to the base level of fitness I maintained from training this season and sticking with the running program you started me on.  I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed working with you.  The training program gave me a focus that I would not have been able to maintain otherwise.  I didn't have any great results on the road, but I really learned a lot about training and racing on the road and had a great time.  Hopefully my work and family commitments will be such that I will continue to be able to race next year.  Again, thanks for your help.
Trig, Cyclist - Portland, OR
I found the session extrememly helpful. I can't think of anything I would have changed. Your explanations were simple and clear although not always simple to execute! I'll just look forward to more sessions sometime in the future either in a class, small group, or individual. Thanks again and it was a pleasure.
Carmen, Cyclist - Portland , OR