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Latest Happenings and Offerings:

    2022 Winter Classes....  Mon 6pm Strength. Wed 6pm Cycling. 

   Breakaway Wellness Club for active women 40+ starting Feb 2022


Health & Wellness Coaching

Do you feel like you want more when it comes to your health, or are you having trouble getting started or keeping a healthy lifestyle going?

Would you like to address chronic disease in a way that can potentially prevent, treat or reverse it?

We'll help you discover your values, priorities, deep motivators, strengths and abilities, needs and desires to move you forward and help you plan and set goals that are achievable and sustainable.

Corporate Wellness Coaching

It's a fact that the healthier we are the better we perform, both individually and as a team. We're more focused, creative, productive, are happier and less likely to burn out, and generally have higher morale an engagement with one another.

Breakaway Coaching offers both Group and Corporate Wellness Coaching aimed at helping individuals and teams to achieve a healthier work life and optimal performance. 

Endurance Sports


Do you want to ride your first century? Or become more comfortable and confident riding out on the road? Do you want to compete in a triathlon? Or need help taking your fitness to the next level and achieving your race goals? Or how about gaining confidence and skills riding your mountain bike?

Breakaway Coaching provides coaching & consultation services, classes and products for recreational and competitive runners, triathletes and cyclists.

Mental Training for Athletes

As an athlete you can train your body, your craft and your mind. We spend hours working on our fitness, the technique for our chosen sport and our sports IQ. The most under trained piece: our minds. Mental training is what sets athletes apart and gives them a positive edge. 


Breakaway Coaching works with athletes of all ages (as well as parents and coaches) to help give athletes a positive experience, build resiliency and mental toughness.   



Connection and Positive: 

"You are great, very easy to talk to, provide good insight and ideas, and very positive as things do not always go as planned or wanted. It really helped me focus on the positive and my strengths. Thank you so much!"


"You really helped me get through a difficult time by focusing on the right things. I am very grateful for all the help and encouragement you provide me. It's been great working with you!"


Whether aiming for living a healthier life or to build strength and endurance to compete in a an athletic event, Breakaway Coaching will empower you to discover your optimal self.

Athletic and Health & Wellness Coach Julie Browning  will work with you to provide motivation and structure so you can pursue your athletic goals. If you’ve been struggling to overcome health and wellness challenges Julie will help you find the answers within to discover your path to a healthier life. 

If want to break through to a higher level of performance or realize better health through nutrition, physical activity, improved sleep, stress management and social connections, breakaway from your current mind-set and call today!

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