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This is a deload / Rest & Recovery week. Let the hard work of the previous two weeks soak in. 

For some of the workouts that require set work to rest ratios (like the HIIT workouts) consider using the Smart WOD Timer App (Free). You can program work / rest intervals in the tabata timer. 

SIT (Sprint Interval Training). These are short / sharp workouts. You can do these running, cycling, rowing, etc. Use these workouts after you have done a functional Strength workout or a lighting heavy workout and you want a longer workout. You are already warmed up so can get into the hard work quite quickly. OR you can use these workouts for when you don't have time to do one of the longer bike or run workouts. 

Body Workout #13: Functional Strength

Follow along video ....>>>

Body Workout #14: Mobility Yoga
Follow along video...>>>
True Stretch with Adriene. 

Body Workout #15: Functional Strength 
PACE Foundation Video ...>>>


Body Workout #16: Mobility Foam Rolling
Follow along Video ...>>>
Foam Rolling for Recovery with Caroline Jordan

Bike SIT #14 (Sprint Interval Training): HARD
5-10 min spin (include 3 x 30s Max Cad. 3 x 30s Time Trial efforts. 3 x 30s Stand)

5-8 x 30 sec. HARD. RI = 2:30 sec. EASY 

Cool down:   
5-10 min spin


Run workout #10 SIT (Sprint Interval Training): HARD

3-5 min EASY
3 x 15s accelerations. 

1 min EASY 



8 x 30 sec (Flat or slightly uphill) MOD-HARD to HARD.
RI = 1-1:30 min walking or EASY running

Cool down:        
3-5 min EASY

Mini Movement Breaks:

2 min Movement Break #1...>>>

2 min Movement Break #2...>>>

2 min Movement Break #3...>>>

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