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THIS IS a Deload week. Don't over do it. Use this time to let the body and mind recharge. 

SIT (Sprint Interval Training). Use these workouts when you don't have time to do a full run workout. Great to do after a strength workout when you are already warmed up. 

RI = Rest Interval


Endurance Run (EASY-MOD)

Run for the prescribed amount of time staying aerobic (EASY to EASY-MOD) and running with a steady cadence of 85-87. 

Divide your run time up into quarters. You’re going to insert a faster pace block for the third quarter. Start off EASY. When you are half way into your run, increase your speed to EASY-MOD to MOD. Finish the final quarter running EASY. 

A 1 hour run would look like this:

30 min EASY
15 min EASY-MOD to MOD

15 min EASY

SIT Run (Sprint Interval Training): HARD

3-5 min EASY
3 x 15s accelerations. 

1 min EASY 



1 x 15 sec. MOD-HARD to HARD. RI = 1:30 min. EASY

1 x 25 sec. MOD-HARD to HARD. RI = 1:30 min. EASY

Repeat x 5

Cool down:        
3-5 min EASY

Tempo Run  (MOD)
A tempo run is a continuous run with some build-ups to your 10-K race pace Focus on a cadence of 90 and locking in a steady rhythm. 


Warm up:          
5-10 minute walk / jog. 

3 x 15 sec. accelerations


1 x 1 min of harder tempo running MOD 
1 x 1 min of easier tempo running EASY-MOD

1 x 1 min EASY

Repeat for 2 min, then 3 min, then 4 min, etc. 

Cool down:        
3-10 min easy jogging / walking. 

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