Breakaway Training Club

  A   T r a i n i n g   &   W e l l n e s s   C o m m u n i t y   f o r   W o m e n   4 0 +

Optimizing your time and workouts.

  • The goal of this training club is to take the guesswork out of ‘what should I be doing?  The 'figuring out' takes time, energy and bandwidth. Things that are typically in short supply during this time of our lives! Let us do that 'figuring out' for you. So you can show up ready to workout and make the most of your time. We will do the research and decide what fitness trends are worth following to bring you the best mix for our 40+ year old body and mind.

Let's get fit, stay durable, be inspired and let's do this together as a community. 

Why 40+?

  • Mid-life brings all kinds of changes and challenges. We can feel disconnected with our body.  What was working for us, no longer serves us. We can feel overwhelmed, stuck and unmotivated. Our body has very different needs than a 20 and 30 year old. Too much cardio can equal added stress on our body. Low impact workouts don't provide enough of stimulus to help with our bone health. Steady State workouts don't help with keeping our muscles firing fast. And body weight based strength training, while builds foundation and function, doesn't build strength. It's time to mix things up. Enter high intensity, jump training and lifting heavy. Let's work with this body of ours to bring out the very best.​ 

What's included: Each week you get a mix of workouts designed to work with your body.

  • Cardio Options: 3 running /walking workouts and 3 cycling workouts and 2 swim workouts 

  • Mobility: Yoga, stretching, and foam rolling workouts

  • Strength: Foundational Strength Workouts (FSW) and Lifting Heavy Workouts LHW)

  • High Intensity Training: Both Whole body HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts and SIT (Sprint Interval Training) for running, cycling, rowing, etc. 

In addition to the workouts you'll also receive:

  • Wellness content 

  • Shorter exercise snacks for time-crunched days

  • Deeply discounted workshops (Pelvic floor, foot health, etc.)

  • Deload / Recovery weeks 

  • 1 live virtual workout class a week

  • FB Group: a way for this awesome community to connect, ask questions, receive support, accountability and motivation

  • Merchandise

  • Monthly Fitness and Wellness Challenge

How's it work?

  • You select your payment option (monthly or annually). 

  • Sign a release of liability wavier and disclaimer

  • Create a login to give you access to the Training Club's web space where you will see all the wonderful workouts for that month. 

  • If you're a Facebook user, join our group ...>>

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  • Breakaway CLUB

    Every month
    A Training & Wellness Club for women 40+
     7 day free trial
    • Optimizing your Workouts for health and fitness
  • Breakaway CLUB

    Every year
    A Training & Wellness Club for women 40+
     7 day free trial
    • Optimizing your Workouts for health and fitness