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Breakaway Training  CLUB

A   T r a i n i n g   &   W e l l n e s s   c o m m u n i t y   f o r   W o m e n   4 0 +

Where to start:


  • As with any new program, there is a learning curve. It will take a little time to understand the layout, where to click and to understand some of the acronyms and terminology. We don't want you to be frustrated or overwhelmed. We're here to support you the first few weeks until you get the 'lay of the land'.

  • It's OK to have two days of back-to-back HARD days (for example: harder cardio workout and HIIT or Strength workout). Make day 3 an EASY day (for example: rest or mobility work). 

  • We recommend doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), SIT (Sprint Interval Training), and LSD (Long Steady Distance) each just once a week due to the stress on our body. 

  • We like to have at least one day a week of complete rest. 

  • If you have a day of physical activity (work, yard work, house chores, etc.), this is still physical activity! Don't wear yourself down by trying to fit in a 'workout' unless you have energy, desire and time. 

  • Find a time to sit down to plan your week. It helps if you do this the same day / time each week to build a habit. Your workouts don't have to look the same every week (for example: strength always on a Monday). Arrange your workouts around your work-life schedule. 

  • If you need accountability: you can always use the FB group to share upcoming workouts and get inspiration, but also use the the Weekly Training Planner to set the time of your workout and what prep you'll need to do. Set yourself up for success.  

  • Cardio: Start with workout #1 (Run #1, Swim #1 or Bike #1).  If you do a second cardio within the same week then do workout #2. etc. This will endure you get the right mix of cardio workouts in a given 3-week cycle. 

  • Warm-Ups & Cool Downs: Don't skimp on preparing your body for the workout. If you have a favorite warm-up that works for your body, go for it. If you need some inspiration / ideas, here is a Warm-Up...>>> we like for just about any workout we are about to do, and here is the Cool Down ...>>>


  • Intensity is measured by perceived effort: EASY, MODerate, MOD-HARD, and HARD.

  • For run/walk and cycling workouts there are 3 levels. Level 1 workouts are shorter duration. Level 3 workouts longer duration. Decide what level you are currently at: Level 1 (L1), Level 2 (L2) or Level 3 (L3). 

  • RI = Rest Interval

  • SIT = Sprint Interval Training. These are bike or run finishers to do after a functional strength workout or lifting heavy workout if you have time, energy and desire. These are great to do if you have a busy week and have to drop one of your normal run or bike workouts. You can adapt these run / bike workout finishers to rowing, step machine, etc. 

  • HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training 

  • LSD = Long Steady Distance

Week 40 / 2022 WORKOUTS:

  CARDIO: Run / Walk


  WORKOUT #       |       DURATION       |        FOCUS        |           INTENSITY        |         SPECIFICS

   Run #1                                  L1 = 30 min.                  Endurance                     EASY-MOD                         Long Steady Distance ...>>>

                                                 L2 = 45 min.          

                                                 L3 = 60 min.+


   Run #2                                  L1 = 35 min.                   Tempo                            MOD                                Tempo Run ...>>> 

                                                 L2 = 45 min.

                                                 L3 = 60 min.


   Run #3                                  L1 = 30 min.                   Intervals                          MOD-HARD                     Intervals...>>> 

                                                 L2 = 40 min.

                                                 L3 = 50 min.


WORKOUT #       |       DURATION       |        FOCUS         |        INTENSITY        |         SPECIFICS

   Bike #1                                 L1 = 45 min.                   Tempo                          MOD                          Tempo Intervals ....>>>

                                                L2 = 60 min.                                                                                            

                                                L3 = 90 min.

   Bike #2                                 L1 = 45-60 min.              Hills                           MOD-HARD                 Hill Intervals...>>>

                                                L2 = 60-90 min.

                                                L3 = 90 min.

   Bike #3                                 L1 = 60 min.                   Endurance                  EASY-MOD                 Long Steady Distance Ride...>>>

                                                L2 = 90 min.

                                                L3 = 180 min. +

    Bike #4                                60 min.                            Indoor                        MOD-HARD                Indoor Cycling Workout Video ...>>>


WORKOUT #       |       DURATION       |        FOCUS           |          INTENSITY        |         SPECIFICS

   Swim #1                              30-60 min.                     Technique                        EASY-MOD                        Swim Technique ...>>>


   Swim #2                              30-60 min.                       Long Intervals                MOD                                 Swim Long Intervals ...>>>


   Swim #3                              30-60 min.   .                   Short Intervals               MOD-HARD                      Swim Short Intervals ...>>>      



WORKOUT                   |       DURATION       |        FOCUS                  |          INTENSITY        |         SPECIFICS

   Body Workout #1                          60 min.                     Functional Strength                          MOD                             Video ....>>>

   Body Workout #2                          30 min.                     Mobility: Yoga                                  EASY                              Video ....>>>

   Body Workout #3                          30-45 min.               HIIT                                               MOD-HARD                      HIIT Workout ....>>>


   Body Workout #4                           20 min.                   Mobility: Foam Rolling                    EASY                              Video ....>>>


   Body Workout #5                           30-45 min.              Lifting Heavy                               MOD-HARD                      Lifting Heavy Workout ....>>>


   Body Workout #6                           15-20 min.              SIT: Bike Finisher                            HARD                             SIT: Bike ...>>>                     


   Body Workout # 7                          15-20 min.              SIT: Run Finisher                            HARD                              SIT: Run ...>>>



......................S A M P L E     W E E K.......................

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