B r e a k a w a y   W o m e n ' s     C l u b

A   W o r k o u t   &   W e l l n e s s     c o m m u n i t y   f o r   W o m e n   4 0 +

Do you feel unmotivated or stuck in a rut when it comes to your fitness and wellness?

Do you want to make some changes but feel overwhelmed or unsure about how to workout for your 40+ body and mind?


Do you like a variety of workouts? and would like all the options to be in one place?


Would you like to learn more about health and wellness for women 40+?


Are you missing a like-minded supportive community?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions,

  you certainly are not alone


Mid-life starts to bring all kinds of changes and challenges. 


Breakaway Women’s Club was created to help. 


It’s a mix of Workouts, Wellness, and Community. 


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Let's get FIT,



and let's do this together


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OPTIMIZING your Time & Workouts

  • A variety of workouts to help create a durable YOU.  

  • Health & Wellness content & resources 

  • Real coaching support

  • A safe & inspiring community 


  What's Included...             

Each week you get a new mix of workouts to pick from.

(You DON'T have to do them all!) 

Cardio Options:

  • 3 running /walking workouts (including a Start-to-Run program)

  • 3 cycling workouts (including indoor workouts)

  • 3 swim workouts



  • Yoga

  • Stretching

  • Foam rolling workouts

Body Workouts:

  • Functional Strength Workouts (FSW) 

  • Lifting Heavy Workouts (LHW) 

  • High Intensity Training: (HIIT and SIT)

  • At least 1 live-streamed workout class a week (strength, indoor cycling, HIIT, etc.)

Pilates Friends

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